Dr Lin Zhou

Dr Lin Zhou

Division Chief, Department of Care for Patient, National Center for Tuberculosis Control and Prevention, China CDC

Country: China

Engaged in clinical work for 15 years, engaged in disease prevention and control work for 15 years. At present, the major responsibility is including the prevention and control of TB/HIV, the prevention and control of tuberculosis in children, the management of anti-tuberculosis drugs and the establishment of relevant standards for the diagnosis and treatment of tuberculosis.

Since the beginning of the work, more than 50 papers were published in domestic and foreign journals as first author or correspondence author, and more than 10 monographs were published as chief editor. As one of the main drafters worked for “Tuberculosis Diagnostic Standard WS288-2017” and “Tuberculosis Classification Standard WS196-2017”.

Having participated in many research projects, including major special subjects of infectious diseases in the Ministry of Science and Technology and Global Funds.