The West Africa International Health Summit is an international health gathering that creates the platform for hospital leaders, policy makers and healthcare professionals across borders to meet and share practical experiences and best practices in healthcare.

The summit also provides an opportunity for the leaders and decision makers to interface with manufacturers of the latest healthcare technologies, products, equipment and services.

The 2019 event, which is under the theme “Collaborating through networking and technology for improved healthcare” will host 691 manufacturers and suppliers, and over 30 sessions in various disciplines ranging from Health Finance, Health Management and Administration, Telemedicine, UN SDGs, Public Health, Nursing, Herbal Medicine, Diagnostics, etc. There will also be practical training sessions and workshops in the latest cutting edge technologies to be delivered by World Renowned Experts. Participants and exhibitors at the 2019 event will benefit from four exclusive events- the SPRINGBOARD, the AFRICA HEALTH DIRECTORY, the B2B DIALOGUE and the CONTINENTAL TELEMEDICINE PROJECT whiles at the same time having the opportunity to network with more than 13,216 stakeholders in the healthcare industry. A number of big ticket purchase and supply deals are expected to be made at the 2019 event ranging from equipment sale, servicing and health financing deals.

Dubbed the mother of all health conferences in Africa, the West Africa International Health Summit is a Pan African Conference not just for West Africans but for all Healthcare Professionals interested in advancing healthcare in Africa. To participate in the 2019 event



The SPRINGBOARD is an exclusive event dedicated to new products, technologies and services. Participants will have the opportunity of getting up close information on these technologies and in most cases get to observe the demonstration of such products. Exhibitors on the other hand will have the opportunity of promoting their latest products to all participants on this highly prioritized platform. The SPRINGBOARD is therefore meant to lessen the sourcing burden of all stakeholders by presenting a convenient one-stop sourcing window. Only new products, technologies and services are allowed onto the SPRINGBOARD platform. All other existing products, technologies and services will be in the respective booths of exhibitors.


  • Bring the spotlight on new products, technologies and services for maximum traction in the market
  • Offer prime time publicity for new products, technologies and services
  • Lessen the time required to comb through all booths in search of new products and cutting-edge technologies
  • Enhance comparison of products and services thereby allowing participants to have value for money
  • Offer a one-stop shop for sourcing new products


The AFRICA HEALTH DIRECTORY is a platform that lists all major hospitals and health facilities on the African Continent. Through this medium, the contact details, location, key successes and specialties of all major hospitals on the African continent will be made available to potential clients and investors as well as healthcare professionals seeking to migrate to the Africa. The AHD makes it possible for hospitals and health facilities that were hitherto unknown yet chalking great successes to be known continentally and appreciated. The AHD is the health map of Africa and will be available in both print and electronic media ( ). Health facilities participating in the 2019 event will benefit from enlisting on this platform whiles exhibitors will get the opportunity of marketing their products and services to a worldwide market through the same platform.


  • Place all healthcare facilities in Africa on a map thus opening up these facilities to collaboration and investment opportunities
  • Make available, the contact and professional details of all healthcare facilities in Africa on a single platform to promote healthcare delivery and medical tourism
  • Enhance intra-Africa health collaboration leading to improved healthcare
  • Stimulate positive competition among healthcare facilities on the continent



The B2B DIALOGUE will effectively match service providers, manufacturers and suppliers to hospital leaders, health policy decision makers and other essential healthcare stakeholders during the health summit and it is aimed at affording all stakeholders the opportunity of holding high-level customized discussions on the most relevant areas related to their respective fields. Major health financing deals and big ticket purchasing contracts are expected to be discussed during the 2019 B2B DIALOGUE. The Conference Secretariat shall effectively match exhibitors to potential buyers through this medium.

The B2B dialogue will

  • Match hospital leaders, health decision makers and healthcare stakeholders to relevant health financiers, service providers, manufacturers and suppliers
  • Facilitate health financing and purchasing deals
  • Present a continental market to exhibitors, service providers, manufacturers and suppliers.


The CONTINENTAL TELEMEDICINE PROJECT: – As part of actions on promoting telemedicine and intra Africa healthcare collaboration towards the attainment of the UN SDG3, some healthcare institutions will be selected to benefit from the setting up of an advanced telemedicine center at their facilities. The selection will be done by a panel of experts and the beneficiaries shall be announced at the closing session of the Summit. More healthcare facilities will be enrolled on the CTP until total health collaboration via telemedicine is attained on the African continent.

The Continental Telemedicine Project will:

  • Promote Intra Africa healthcare collaboration for improved healthcare
  • Promote exchange of ideas and expertise among healthcare professional in Africa
  • Enable healthcare facilities to own and operate advanced telemedicine centers


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